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Founder's Insights

Hello SuperBeings,

I Mr. Sagar embarked on a transformative journey that ultimately led to the creation of Glosense Lifecare Pvt Ltd—an unwavering commitment to your holistic well-being.
Formerly an engineer turned government employee, I comfortably coasted through life until the pandemic shook the world. The extended hours indoors led me to disregard my health and self-care. It served as a wake-up call that demanded my attention. I made a resolute decision to change.
It almost took me six months to undergo a profound transformation—physically, mentally, and emotionally. This personal journey laid the foundation for Glosense Lifecare Pvt Ltd, a brand deeply rooted in the conviction that inner well-being is the base wall of overall health.
Here at Glosense Lifecare Pvt Ltd, we help you empower your wellness journey. We provide unwavering support, guidance, and natural products meticulously crafted to prioritise your inner health. We firmly believe that the power to effect change resides within each of us.
Introduce Glosense Lifecare Pvt Ltd in your life, where your journey to well-being begins. Together, let's take charge of our lives, health, and future.

Hello Beautiful souls🌻

I am Dr. Snehal Adsule , the Co-founder of Glosense Lifecare Pvt Ltd on the journey to wellness. As an MD, nutritionist, counselor, and weight loss coach, I have tried to bring my expertise and heart to our new mission.
From my early struggles with diets to overcoming an eating disorder and PCOD, I understand the complexities of the wellness journey. Today, I am on a mission to impact the lives of one million women, guiding them toward health and happiness. Through my signature program, 'Desi Diet,' our team already empowered over 24,000 women worldwide to achieve lasting weight loss.
As we embark on the path to wellness, Glosense Lifecare Pvt Ltd invites you to join us in this journey and experience a healthier, happier & new you. Together, we'll create balance between well-being and beauty, the Glosense Lifecare Pvt Ltd way!!

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